Board a Space Pirate ship in VR

According to some well-informed astronomers, the Milky Way is infested with pirates who furrow it in massive galleons equipped with ionic thrusters. Their majestic ships are invaded by fireflies and contain countless forgotten treasures.
Kynoa Studios is on a mission to make you discover their everyday life. It is not very far from that of their Earthlings cousins, because it mainly involves drinking rum and throwing empty bottles on their rare visitors.

Convertible Gold Coins

Armed with a vintage gun and a retro-futuristic sword, visitors try to avoid projectiles. The points they earn on this occasion are worth precious seconds in the captain’s room, where they have to open up a maximum of chests and collect gold, silver and bronze coins.

This spectacular game is designed for shopping and leisure centers that want to increase their flow of customers and prospects.

The coins are convertible into vouchers and other promotions in neighboring businesses.

Title: Starpirates VR
Genre: Shooter, Arcade
Players: 1
Duration: 2 Minutes