A tangible metaphor

Spiritus Dei is an action film whose ecological implications draw a relatively close and intimidating future. Nowadays, the climate emergency is very ambiguous. On the one hand, humanity is fast approaching an era of major climate disruptions, and on the other, it shows no strong collective will to change the course of things.

Not your usual apocalyptic flick

Spiritus Dei explores this paradox in an original and spectacular film, which stands out from the “end of the world” blockbusters by a European point of view on the environmental issue. That is to say the collective awareness of the ecological problems and not just the heroism of a nation that saves the world.

An extraordinary mission

Spiritus Dei invites us to follow a maintenance team of solar satellites, composed of Earthlings sent to the center of our galaxy to fulfill a delicate and confidential mission.
Project status: completed but not definitive version of the script.