A rewarding experience

L’atelier de Léonard is an online TV channel dedicated to children! Our aim is to offer children an enriching and entertaining educational experience, which they can share with their families at home. Children will have the opportunity to discover the fascinating world of science thanks to the intervention of young enthusiasts by their enthusiasts. Children can take part in exciting experiments and observe captivating scientific phenomena. Experiments that can easily be reproduced at home, allowing children to continue exploring and learning with their loved ones.

From ecology to sustainable development

In the field of nature and ecology, children will be made aware of the importance of preserving our environment. The videos tackle nature themes, introducing them to different ecosystems and animal species. Children will learn how they can help protect the planet through simple everyday gestures, such as recycling or preserving biodiversity.

And much more

What’s more, ecological and creative projects such as creating a vertical garden or making recycled toys will enable them to put their knowledge into practice and become real agents of change. Together, we’ll explore the world of science, nature, ecology, cooking and fantastic crafts, while strengthening family ties and promoting playful learning.