Fun, Reinvented

It was while playing on our vintage Table Soccer in Summer 17 that we thought about merging sweet nostalgia with badass VR entertainment. The result, a few months later, is an award-winning, mindblowing game. Also available on STEAM VR.

We wanted to merge the traditional, beloved 20th Century Table Soccer physical sensations with mind-bending tricks, skins, and gameplay. Wearing a bulky headset would never have been so fun.

The new Company

In November 2017, a dedicated company named Kynoa SA was put together to develop and industrialize the product, baptized Koliseum Series VR.

The company release the full-fledged 4-players table, a complete online STEAM version, and a Solo version for VR Arcades where people play locally or against online, distant opponents.

Halfway between nostalgia and high-tech, the VR Table Soccer represents by itself a quantum leap in technology, bringing together hardware, electronics, and precision mechanics.

Award Nomination

This game already won the AUREA Award in Germany, for being the most innovative VR attraction around.

It was also shortlisted among eight other mainstream VR projects at the prestigious 2018 VR Awards. Contenders were ILMxLAB’s “Secrets of the Empire“, a Star Wars based attraction, or Framestore’s “A Moon for All Mankind”.