A Cute VR Game for Every Holiday

Easter Bunnies, Halloween Ghouls, Summer Beach Crabs or Cheerful Snowmen await your visit, during the next Holidays. We designed this collection to drive families in amusement parks, multiplexes and other venues that need fresh, quality entertainment using cutting-edge technologies. These cute 360° games are surprisingly addictive. Made for HTC VR headsets, as free-roaming adventures.

Easy Gameplay Tailored for Children

One of the games is the Easter Splash. Here is an example of what happens in this sunny setting. Finally, spring is here. Flowers are blooming, birds are singing, and chicken lay dozens of Easter eggs! In a charming little clearing, under a smiling sun, Easter Bunnies, Chickens, Bells, and Balloons are buzzing around. With water pistols in your hands, you give crabs, ghouls, and bunnies some severe unrest. Good for stress relief.

Fun & Harmless

With a harmless water pistol, you splash all these littles creatures to gather as many colourful trophies as possible. And don’t forget to water the flowers too!

Title: Holiday Break VR Series
Genre: Shooter, Arcade
Players: 1
Duration: 3 Minutes
Plateform: Free-Roaming HTC Vive