A tale of imbalance

Dystopia is a fable of a new kind, an ode to the complex but resilient beauty of Nature. Just like Spiritus Dei, the other feature film that we are developing, Dystopia deals with vital issues through a fantastic and moving film. Essential questions such as the responsibility of men in the current imbalance of ecosystems, and especially solutions to find a modus vivendi between our species and our planet.

A feelgood movie about serious issues

It is through a fantastic story, firmly rooted in our reality, that Dystopia delivers messages of hope. Inspired by the latest environmental catastrophes, the script explores some of the perspectives we have as individuals and as a species.

Universal appeal

Far from wanting to make the viewer feel guilty, or to encourage him to adopt a different way of life, Dystopia tells a universal family story, which shows characters plagued by cases of conscience close to those that have been offered to us for a few years. Thus, the dysfunctions of the family resonate with those of the surrounding nature. This nature is embodied by little characters who are, in a way, its spokespersons.

Fresh content, new perspectives

The solutions will necessarily pass through the union of the forces, the address and the imagination of the parties involved. Mixing Live action with photorealistic 3D characters, Dystopia is a fascinating project which will resonate on a deep level in each spectator, by offering fresh, meaningful content with an exciting perspective.