You intensify the story

Throughout her story, discover an animistic and dreamlike version of the demilitarized zone. You are not a mere spectator; your behavior transforms the experience by subtly altering the narrative.
Thanks to head and eye-tracking, by looking at some details, you trigger interactive sequences enhancing the experience and extending the prevailing narrative.
In a word, the more you explore, the more you trigger interactive sequences, revealing the thoughts and personality of the protagonists, which will, therefore, intensify the experience.

Crossing borders, discovering the opposites

Dreamin’Zone is primarily an experience, but also a story of passages implying a desire for peace between the two Koreas. It also offers different experiences of “crossing the border(s)”: obey vs. disobey, fear vs. confidence, dream vs. reality, animal vs. human, childhood vs. adulthood, and obscurity vs. daylight.
And finally, underlying all those parts, the transition from North to South Korea at its apogee at the end.

A multilayered experience

The DMZ project is a multi-layered interactive Short VR movie. We follow a fixed storyline on which real-time 3D interactions are added to create a unique experience for each audience. Mysteries can be unveiled wherever they look, creating a different story every time.

Title: DMZ (Dreamin’Zone)
Format : film immersif et interactif pour casque de réalité virtuelle avec contrôleurs – HTC, Occulus rift, samsung Odyssey…
Duration: environ 18’/ 20’ d’expérience
Public: A partir de 12 ans