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Fauvea Studios is one of those places where the concepts of tomorrow are created, where they grow and take shape. It is both a laboratory and a forge, where ideas, craftsmanship and know-how converge, a crazy mix of creativity and expertise.

By mastering and merging technologies from very different backgrounds, Fauvea Studios offers its clients unique products, expertise and choice advice in the inextricable world of communication media.

About Studio

We Create Awesome Stuff

In 2015, we felt the need to create a place where we could experiment with our ideas and creativity. We wanted a workshop, a completely geeky development team, a film set and an audio recording studio, not to mention the latest game consoles and the inevitable table football – in a word: a creative studio.

On-line Development

There are many ways to disseminate and display information online. A website, a web app, each product or message requires a strategy to optimize its distribution, whether it is via one or several distribution channels.

Global Marketing

We take care of creating and deploying your identity on a multitude of media, from a simple website to total immersion in a virtual reality universe, from a simple business card to three-dimensional prints containing augmented reality, or even hyper-realistic holograms.


The satisfaction of our customers is essential to us, which is why we do our utmost to accompany you throughout the manufacturing process. We even supervise up to the training of the tools developed, to allow you to be completely autonomous.



We chose the name Fauvea because it is the fine association of two words that have a very special meaning.

The word Fauve, which comes from the Latin Fulvi, qualifies felines, such as the lion, the tiger, the cheetah or even the cat. The word fovea refers to the central area of the macula, the area of the retina where vision of detail is most accurate, which is located in the extension of the visual axis of the eye.

The beauty of a feline associated with the vision of details is what makes Fauvea.


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    For safety reasons and to comply with European and Swiss regulations, our activity has been restructured and organised in such a way as to limit contacts.

    All activities related to public events are cancelled until further notice.

    Thank you for your understanding.