The Studios

Always ready

“Fauvea” sounds fancy, isn’t it? I mean, a trendy name based on a miraculous golden seed, and a concept that impresses: STUDIOS.

Well, we went beyond the concept: we built our shooting studios 15 minutes from Geneva, in a wondrous countryside.

So that we are always ready to shoot a Proof on Concept, or even packshots for prestigious brands (OMEGA watches, LVMH).


Lobsters and Champagne

Among the unusual projects we shot in there:
– the shellfish and lobsters for an animated short which won the Best Film at the Palm Springs International ShortFest;
– OMEGA watches commercials;
– footage for the biggest holographic aquarium you can imagine, for Baselworld;
– live footage of dancers for a holographic showcase we produced for Mo√ęt et Chandon.

Three decades of know-how

Our long experience in Film and Commercial shooting, especially in Cinematography, and our attention to details that really matter, brings us in a favorable spot where Quality Control is essential.
In a time when perfectionism often equals added costs, having trained eyes makes all the difference. We ship classy products because the end users matter a lot to us. Even more so when they are children, reading our books or playing the AR apps.

Transmedia by essence

Visuals do not resonate in each of us without proper Sound and Music. That’s why we own our Sound Studio, a few meters from our film set.
We even have our own composer.
We produced elaborate soundtracks, be it for the audiobooks and mobile apps of Teo & Leonie, or our fast-paced multiplayer VR FPS.
We are in the process of opening a brand new facility just across our existing studios, where we plan to host developers, 3D artists and animators to take care of our growing needs.