Jordan Dacuna Rodriguez

Thursday September 26th, 2019

At first, Jordan studied the basics of computer science at the CFPT in Geneva.
Between all the general branches, he was quickly attracted by programmation. What he does is graduate in “Application development and project management”. For his end-of-studies project, he wanted to combine two of these passions, by creating a VR firefighter simulator using Unreal Engine. This project was intended to be used during training in a volunteer firefighter company in Geneva, of which he is a member. After that, he followed a master in video game development and virtual reality in Madrid through online courses. This training allowed him to consolidate this knowledge on Unity.
For almost a year, he participated in the Koliseum Soccer VR game as a developer with Kynoa Company. He took care of the game’s user interfaces, some gameplay elements and other projects like a website or actualise the Holiday Breaks. His energetic and jovial personality makes that during the different conventions for Teo and Léonie, both children and parents finish the activity with a big smile and want to start again.
He eventually joined the company Fauvea as a collaborator.