Benjamin Froger

Thursday September 26th, 2019

After obtaining a degree of “Creator-Designer of digital 3D images” in 2013 in Lyon, Benjamin joined KENZAN studio in Geneva. There, he acquired his first professional experience in a competitive environment, focusing on holograms creation notably for OMEGA, in charge of visual effects such as particles with pre-calculated renderers.
After tackling several significant projects, his passion for the digital arts grew bigger, which led him to learn more techniques and expand his expertise to software creation, eventually playing a significant role in the development of ANSHAR WARS (OZWE games, Lausanne).
His next step was to move away from pre-calculated renderers to be involved with the “Walking through a Pharaoh Tomb” project: with this project combining motion capture and Virtual Reality headsets, he started working with real-time engines (UNITY and UNREAL ENGINE).
At the end of 2017, he joined the company KYNOA, and as both a Technical Artist / Fx Artist and Hardware consultant, participated in the realisation of the first VR fussball, “KOLISEUM SOCCER VR”.
He joined Fauvéa in 2019 as a Managing Partner.