The Village

Hop in the mirror world

The books helped to share information, computers to process it, and to create new content. The mouse has changed the way we interact with these contents, touch screens have made them almost tangible, but we always stay on the surface. With VR, we enter the ground floor.

At each step, we are approaching how humans interact naturally with the world around them. “Village” is the logical outcome: the boundaries between the real and the virtual are blurred.

Your Village is like you.

Actually, it already exists. Without even noticing it, you’ve already assembled it. It mirrors everything you like in your real life.
You find your friends there. You walk with them in your favorite places, one of them makes you discover an exhibition that you install in your personal gallery.

You can enter made-for-VR stores with your friends and family, explore fabulous places and plan your next vacations.
You pay for your purchases. Walk in the square and approach a sculpture. A friend makes you realize it is a gateway. You advance into the sculpture and discover the world of a prêt-à-porter brand in a unique and inspiring flagship store. It doesn’t look like a brick-and-mortar store or an e-commerce website. It is fascinating, enticing. The degree of immersion in the brand’s identity is well beyond what’s possible in real life, or on the web.

Let’s explore the post-web medium

“Village” is no longer a utopia. It is the natural convergence of the web, video games, e-commerce, social networks, e-learning and entertainment in all its forms.
It is the improved, ideal mirror of your real world, where you don’t have to click — the post-web medium.
Hyperlinks are a thing from the Past.