The Fantastic Journeys of Teo & Leonie

A Maiden Voyage Through Time

After a strange incident, a brother and a sister from the early 20th century suddenly find themselves lost in the middle of the Renaissance. Wanting nothing more than to be back with their parents, they meet an old man. He happens to be Leonardo da Vinci, and he takes them under his wings and tries to get them home – some 400 years later.

On the way, they are thrown into the centre of the major events that determined the course of human history. The old Leonardo thought he had already seen everything, but thanks to the children, he begins the most intense period of his life.

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A 100% Transmedia Story

Conceived and born in a transmedia dimension, the fascinating universe of “The Fantastic Journeys of Teo & Leonie” has been developed using different components which, through their combination with each other, offer a new style of interaction, with the goal of tangibly enriching the experience of reading.

Destined for a target audience aged between 5 and 11 years old, the universe is dispatched on various, interconnected formats:

  • A collection of beautifully illustrated books, accompanied by games and apps for tablets and smartphones, incorporating augmented reality and increasing tenfold the appeal factor of the book for children;
  • A TV series in 3D real-time animation, based on high-end video game technology;
  • An e-Magazine with a considerable amount of additional content which serves to anchor fiction in reality and the daily life of the children;
  • An interactive online platform which encourages collective sharing of individual experiences;
  • An animated audiobook, with the idea of providing a comprehensive reading experience

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Picture books

From one book to the next, together with Teo & Leonie, discover ancient civilizations and cross the paths of historical figures, great adventurers, famous scholars, and illustrious artists.

Their various journeys will lead them into the Renaissance and the Cretaceous periods. They will sail with legendary pirates, cross ancient Egypt in the company of powerful Pharaohs and help an old potter to satisfy the extravagant wishes of the first Chinese Emperor.

In the next books, they will help an Inca prince and a young Viking to become legend, participate at a chariot race in the middle of the Roman arena and unearth a Moai on Easter Island while looking for a particular egg.

Format : 22 x 22 cm, 60 pages, hardcover Genre : Picture book, Fiction

You may ask us for the “Presentation of the Teo & Leonie universe” as a PDF. 

Tome 1 :
The Magical Necklace

While playing in their attic in France around 1916, Teo and his sister Leonie stumbled upon a necklace with extraordinary powers that propelled them to the heart of the Renaissance.

They met a sympathetic Leonardo da Vinci who tried to get them back home.
This encounter is the beginning of the initiatory journey of two children lost in Time.

Tome 2 :
The Dawn of Time
Cretaceous period

Teo, Leonie, Leonardo and Cornelius are propelled back to the Cretaceous period, just a few moments before an asteroid smashes into the earth, putting an end to the reign of the dinosaurs.

They must make use of all their talents to avoid ending up as an archaeological mystery.

Tome 3 :
The Secret
of the Black Lands

Our heroes travel back to the 17th Century and meet the corsair, Thomas Tew.

In a high-speed chase across the seven seas in search of a fabulous treasure, the protagonists must join forces to avoid coming last and to be the first to get their hands on the precious bounty.

Tome 4 :
The Pharaoh’s Hourglass
Ancient Egypt

Teo, Leonie, Leonardo and Cornelius will cross the path of Ptolemy V, a young pharaoh who is only twelve years old.

They will help him to find a solution for the famine of his people on the banks of the Nile saving them from the flooding river and the menacing crocodiles who go about their infernal daily business. They leave behind their mark in history on the Rosetta Stone.


Tome 5 :
The Argile Ghosts

Tchouang Tzan is a wise and conscientious sculptor chosen by the emissaries of Emperor Qin Shi Huangdi to carve the 9’999 terracotta soldiers that would accompany the monarch to his place of rest.

Will our heroes find a cunning solution to help Tchouang Tzan carry out the contract?

Tome 6 :
Pachacutec’s Escapades

Pachacutec is the brilliant but unruly young son of the mighty King of the Incas. His father condemns him to exile. One day, he crosses paths with Teo, Leonie and Leonardo. Leonardo warns him of an imminent enemy invasion from the North.

Will our adventurers manage to influence Pachacutec’s father, and save the destiny of his people?

Tome 7 :
Far from the Ice Land

I’m Leif Erikson, the son of Erik the Red, leader of the Vikings of the North. I dream of conquering the Oceans, I feel the call of unexplored lands! But the world is vast, and my father stubborn: he refuses to let me go into the Unknown. Fortunately, Teo and Leonie arrived in my village, or rather fell from the sky in their incredible flying machine, as if sent from the Gods. Something tells me that thanks to them, and with the help of the wise Leonardo, my father could change his mind! A New World awaits us, for sure.

The Project’s Educational Objectives

  • Each book ends with an educational section, where young readers realize that the story they have just discovered is based on real facts and characters, and places that, for the most part, still exist;
  • This section is richly illustrated, and will also be available online, with mini-documentaries for young audiences and longer reports for parents and teachers;
  • The aim is to give the young audience a desire to expand its perception of the world, to consider the world as a source of inspiration.
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The Mobile Apps

We are using the most recent technologies to offer a new form of interactivity that completes and enhances the children’s viewing experience. Each application has 3 parts :

  • The Augmented Reality allows rich interactions with the book. It recognizes the illustrations and educational content as well as 3D objects, which pop up from the pages. In the first book for example, the reader can pilot some of Leonardo’s fantastic machines.
  • The Audio Book narrated by Benoît Allemane (the French voice of Morgan Freeman) includes a sophisticated animation of the book drawings.
  • The Mini Games present a dozen of little challenges and educational content, to learn while having fun.

The VR Games Inside Teo & Leonie Universe

Some games take place in Teo & Leonie universe. This new total immersion extends and enriches the reading experience.

  • Golden Skull : Board on the sumptuous pirate galleon in VR of Thomas Tew (Tome 3)
  • EnigmAttic : A fascinating VR experience in Leonardo da Vinci’s universe. His attic is filled with mysteries which will be revealed in the volumes to follow.

Depending on the markets, these first two experiences are distributed in various forms.

TV Series

Designed from the ground up as a transmedia product that is also multi-platform, the TV series of “The Fantastic Journeys of Teo & Leonie” is based on a combination of technologies derived from two entirely contrasting worlds: on the one hand, the traditional animation and on the other hand, real-time rendering using video game engines (Unreal Engine, Unity).

These technologies allow the content to be deployed economically on various platforms (TV, smartphones, tablets, VOD, games consoles, VR headsets), while retaining a very high level of aesthetics and immersion.

The attention to detail, our universe’s narrative density, but also the initial feedback received from professionals, have naturally led us to consider a feature film.

A Global Marketing Strategy

Interested in using a maximum of promotional and sales tools, we designed a revolutionary holographic display.

A continuously running film allows children to enter the magic of Teo & Leonie’s universe, but also present some of the Augmented Reality found in the books.

Bookstores appreciate the display, as they inevitably attract children – and their parents’ attention.

The display sides and the video can easily be adapted to the future volumes release.

Carte postale teo et leonie