Teo & Leonie
The Documentaries

From fiction to facts

Each book ends with an educational section, where young readers realize that the story they have just discovered is actually based on real facts and characters, and places that, for the most part, still exist.
This section is richly illustrated, and will also be available online, with mini-documentaries for young audiences and longer reports for parents and teachers, to equip them with a solid context.
Without being naive or sugar-coated, our films will offer an alternative to the epileptic entertainment that our kids have to undergo.

Proof of Concept: Madagascar

Apart from the videos directly related to the books, we will produce short and long formats around relevant and meaningful themes.
For example, during our stay in Madagascar for the Pirate book, we filmed and photographed lots of original material on-the-fly.
We have devoted short films to small craftspeople working by the roadside, tinkering with raffia and forming metalwork, making refractory bricks or aluminum pots.

Not only for children

But we also interviewed a Heritage Historian on the Big Island. She taught us a lot about the real pirate who was the basis of our story. It turns out that his lineage on the island has had major repercussions in the history of this country, until today.
This last film could serve as a background to a feature-length documentary about the lesser known facts of Madagascar.

Easter Island surprises

On a later trip to Easter Island, our encounters with the natives enriched the story we will unveil in a brand new book. But more surprising, the films we shot from the sky reveal hidden places, never published until today.
From animals to recipes, from arts and crafts to geology, there are so many exciting aspects to document and share through these films. They can be considered as side-products of the books, or as standalone, informative items.