Teo & Leonie
Leonardo’s Mission

Back to 1519

No 2019 technology here. Only spinning wheels, eerie sounds, evocative visuals and ingenious enigmas left by Leonardo for today’s children to solve.
We opened a Time Channel and asked Leonardo for clues about the nature of the enigmas, but he remained silent at first. Like the evasive man he was centuries ago, he only gratified us with a semi-smile – like the one he painted on the Gioconda.
But then he burst out laughing and offered to share some of his secrets.

Téo & Léonie: “Mission Leonardo”

But even though Leonardo was a genius, he happens to be a little distracted or to forget details that seem only trivial to him.
When we arrived, everything did not happen as we had hoped for, and it is up to you now to pick up the pieces of time that Leonard clumsily misplaced.

Old fashioned Time Travel

You will only have an hour to project to Leonardo’s time, in his laboratory, and help him to solve the problem that could well have the effect of his reputation.
Here, forget smartphone, virtual reality or internet, only mysterious gears, strange codes, and enigmatic paintings will allow you to solve puzzles.
To solve them as quickly as possible, you will have to observe everything around you and collaborate with your gaming partners.

An adventure to share

“Téo & Léonie: Mission Léonard” is game to share with family and friends, where the cooperation between child and adult is essential. This edutainment game is transposable indoors and outdoors, permanently or punctually, and can accommodate from 2 to 6 Time Explorers.
No doubt you will also find some of the footprints left by our little adventurers, Téo and Léonie, during their first fantastic trip to Clos Lucé, France.