Teo & Leonie
Green Karavan

Let’s Promote Curiosity

The edutainment universe of children’s books “The Fantastic Journeys of Teo & Leonie” is already a great success with children, their parents and their teachers. A recognition due to its obvious graphics and narrative qualities, but also because it makes a bet to engage children on the paths of curiosity and discovery of the fabulous world in which we live.

An Empowering Adventure over Earth’ Future

Today, as environmental issues overtake all the other challenges facing humanity, we want to empower future generations with the unbiased knowledge they need to make the right decisions.
With the help of eminent authorities in their respective fields, we would like to spread validated information that is both exciting and constructive.
This information is not intended to make viewers feel guilty, but to motivate them.
To spread this knowledge to the most significant number of children, we aim to cover large areas, from school to school, on board Karavan equipped to immerse viewers playfully and intelligently in the paradoxes and contradictions that damage relationships between Man and Nature.

From School to School

The edutainment universe that we created with “The Fantastic Journeys of Teo & Leonie” lends itself perfectly to this eco-friendly extension. We will design cardboard books, e-books and augmented reality apps to address fundamental questions in an engaging and meaningful way.

On board each Karavan, a specially trained host will be able to accommodate the children and their teachers, or move the elements into the school, depending on the possibilities and circumstances.