About Us

We are a bunch of down-to-earth creatives who love to mix cutting edge tech and strong storytelling.

Testing the waters

In 2012 we felt the urge to create a place where we could experiment with the viability of our ideas, from scratch to completion. We dreamt of a Workshop, a forward-thinking Dev team, some KCA (killer concept artists), a shooting set, a recording facility, the latest game consoles, and the inevitable Table Soccer – in a word: a Studio.

We began by creating a collection of AR-enhanced Children Books, The Fabulous Journeys of Teo & Leonie. This edutainment universe quickly bloomed into a full 360° project.

Need for Speed

In 2014 already, we had been seeking for innovative solutions for the television series Teo & Leonie by combining traditional animation techniques with those of the most spectacular video games. At the core of our Quest: to reduce the usual, fastidious rendering time of each frame to almost zero, while maintaining a strong cinematographic appeal.

This bet on “real-time,” qualitative animation has two main advantages. On the one hand, it’s a very flexible and competitive alternative to the usually heavy workflows of animation. On the other hand, it allowed us a place in the few production companies able to provide relevant “VR Ready” content.

VR Awards

This know-how was an instant success among animation professionals (Annecy 2015), the computer graphics community (SIGGRAPH 2015, Best Immersive Experience) and VR specialists (Best Film VR Summit Los Angeles 2016). VR Awards, Summer 2018.

We stay at the forefront of VR content by having been shortlisted, alongside eight other heavyweight VR companies like ILMxLabs, as one of the most relevant Out-of-Home VR Experience provider.

In praise of sharing

We just finished creating and delivering a riveting VR family game: a crazy reinvention of the traditional Table Soccer. We already gathered two important European awards for this, and many laudatory papers in the on- and offline press.

We love multiplayer VR because it brings people together. By experiencing the same activity through different points of view, friends and families create shared memories. Their intense collaboration during the game, and their ability to debrief at the watercooler, make the game all the more compelling – and meaningful.

Next step: the Global Village

Today, apart from developing new attractions, TV Series and Feature Films, we are focusing our R&D on “The Village”, the ultimate VR extension of our daily lives, on the other side of all our screens.


Pascal Conicella

Artistic & Creative Director

Founder and Creative Director of Fauvea

After beginning in typography, Pascal quickly expanded his horizons to focus on photography, special effects, animation, cinema, then video games and advanced technologies, such as holograms and motion capture.
The Teo & Leonie children books he created are now widely acknowledged as an important contribution to edutainment content.
His fertile mind makes him consider technical constraints as creative opportunities.

The high tech displays and interfaces he created with his dedicated team won his company the trust and fidelity of high profile groups and brands like LVMH or OMEGA.
His ideas and creative projects were nominated and/or won prestigious awards in major 3D venues.

Pascal Montjovent

Creative & Storytelling Director

Having studied science and Political Sciences, Pascal Montjovent shot as Director of Photography around twenty films per year (clips, short films, ads, and fiction & documentaries) in Switzerland and abroad (New York, Morocco France, Tunisia, South Korea, Brazil, Georgia, Japan, Central African Republic, etc.).
He’s specialized in digital cinema since its early days (first with the Viper Film Stream then RED), as well as in lighting movies which rely on visual effects.
Pascal has now over 300 films to his credit, and some won awards for photography. He also writes and directs.
He animates a blog devoted to film lighting since 2003 and is preparing a handbook on the subject.
Pascal was also the director during ten years of a Special Award at Locarno Film Festival.

Rémy Guttin

Lead 3D Artist, Modeling and Lighting

Remy started his profesionnal career in Lyon with the production of short movies and commercials for Vanilla Seed. He then attracted the attention of KENZAN and moved to Geneva, where he learned how to create digital magic out of technology - fire and water were his new favorite elements to work with.
After a few years, he decided to go back to telling stories, and combine his original experience with his newly-acquired talents: he joined KYNOA and worked with the UNITY engine to be part of the creation of worlds he so far only experienced through his travels or playing video games.
Remy is now thrilled be part of Fauvea's team as Managing Partner, and is always chasing after new and exciting projects to make magic a (virtual or augmented) reality.

Jordan Dacuna Rodriguez

Lead Developer

At first, Jordan studied the basics of computer science at the CFPT in Geneva.
Between all the general branches, he was quickly attracted by programmation. What he does is graduate in “Application development and project management”. For his end-of-studies project, he wanted to combine two of these passions, by creating a VR firefighter simulator using Unreal Engine. This project was intended to be used during training in a volunteer firefighter company in Geneva, of which he is a member. After that, he followed a master in video game development and virtual reality in Madrid through online courses. This training allowed him to consolidate this knowledge on Unity.
For almost a year, he participated in the Koliseum Soccer VR game as a developer with Kynoa Company. He took care of the game's user interfaces, some gameplay elements and other projects like a website or actualise the Holiday Breaks. His energetic and jovial personality makes that during the different conventions for Teo and Léonie, both children and parents finish the activity with a big smile and want to start again.
He eventually joined the company Fauvea as a collaborator.

Benjamin Froger

Lead Technical Artist and FX Artist

After obtaining a degree of "Creator-Designer of digital 3D images" in 2013 in Lyon, Benjamin joined KENZAN studio in Geneva. There, he acquired his first professional experience in a competitive environment, focusing on holograms creation notably for OMEGA, in charge of visual effects such as particles with pre-calculated renderers.
After tackling several significant projects, his passion for the digital arts grew bigger, which led him to learn more techniques and expand his expertise to software creation, eventually playing a significant role in the development of ANSHAR WARS (OZWE games, Lausanne).
His next step was to move away from pre-calculated renderers to be involved with the "Walking through a Pharaoh Tomb" project: with this project combining motion capture and Virtual Reality headsets, he started working with real-time engines (UNITY and UNREAL ENGINE).
At the end of 2017, he joined the company KYNOA, and as both a Technical Artist / Fx Artist and Hardware consultant, participated in the realisation of the first VR fussball, "KOLISEUM SOCCER VR".
He joined Fauvéa in 2019 as a Managing Partner.

Julia Gabrick

US BizDev Supervisor

Julia Gabrick is the director of our Los Angeles office.  In 2010, she moved cross-country alone to earn her Master of Arts degree in Journalism from the University of Southern California’s Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism.  

Through her subsequent work in public relations, news writing, and blogging she discovered that connections and storytelling are her professional passions.

Most recently, she was an editor at Disney Publishing Worldwide, where, along with other international campaigns, she tackled Mickey Mouse’s 90th anniversary for the Global Comics & Magazines team.

She owes much of her Italian fluency to the cheesy pop music she listened to while living in the bel paese.


ACMSIGGRAPH 2015 - Best Immersive Content Vision Summit Awards 2016 - Best Interactive VR movie EPIC GAMES - GRANT WINNER 2017 VR Award 2018 - Best VR Game Aurea Awards 2018 - Best Innovation Winner Auggie Awards 2018 - Best in Show VR MIFA 2019 - Interactive Creations and Transmedia Pitches